A Garlic Taste Test Festival

heritage garlic taste testIn 2010 we held our inaugural garlic taste test festival. At that particular event, we only had four judges. It was held over a dinner of soba noodles, cheese and wine. The garlic was ROASTED for 40 mins in foil with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Included in the test was one store bought non-organic bulb of garlic from China.

This is a no holds barred, non censored survey. The judges didn’t agree on everything, and each person had a different favorite.For customers who have purchased our variety Heritage Garlic Packs at the farmers market, or are growing our different varieties from seed, please share your flavor insights in the comments section. Please note how you cooked the garlic, because the comparisons will change depending on whether they’re roasted, stir fried, raw, etc! Thanks!


The Judges and Results

Three Columns

Sheniz Kassam

tastes of garlic
1. Puslinch – sweet, tender

2. Spanish Roja- strong, tasty.

3.Yugoslavian Porcelain – mild, dull

4. German Red – small bite, pungent smell

5. Persian Star – earthy, creamy

6. Georgian Fire – dull/ brick

7. Leningrad – like banana, mild/ friendly

8. China Store bought garlic – lemony, sweet

Denise Haugh


1. Puslinch – round

2. Spanish Roja- subtle with a hint of flame, delicate

3.Yugoslavian Porcelain – similar to persian star, but a little stronger, round taste.

4. German Red – sting-y, stronger than persian star

5. Persian Star – soft mellow, a little heat at end, round.

6. Georgian Fire – hotter than persian star and puslinch

7. Leningrad -like persian star, no bite at the end.

8. China Store bought garlic – some fire, most round.

Cara Conroy-Low

heritage garlic tasting

1. Puslinch – mild, round

2. Spanish Roja- lively, multi layered and strong

3. Yugoslavian Porcelain – starchier texture like potato, less hot than German Red

4. German Red – spicy hint on tongue, leaves a hot taste, like durian fruit, red wine

5. Persian Star – white wine, mild, smooth

6. Georgian Fire – slightly ‘green’ spice taste

7. Leningrad – nice, not spicy

8. China Store bought garlic – sour flavour, pungent, not spicy

Michelle Heinz heritage garlic tasting

1. Puslinch – fuzzy

2. Spanish Roja- subtle with a hint of flame, delicate

3.Yugoslavian Porcelain – starchy like potato with a touch of heat at the end

4. German Red – hard shell, sweet, long heat on tongue after

5. Persian Star – round sweet full, spicy flavour

6. Georgian Fire – hot, starchy

7. Leningrad – sweet, light, delicate,

8. China Store bought garlic – overkill, hot after, least mild.

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