Permaculture, Food Forests & Ecological Education at Clear Sky Centre, BC

At Clear Sky, we are devoted to ecological education.  We have a one acre food forest demonstration project, are involved with grasslands restoration education and run annual permaculture and food forest workshops with expert Canadian teachers.  ***Read about our Food Forest***

Food Forest Course BC CanadaFood Forestry North of the 49th with Richard Walker, Sept 23-24, 2017

Gain a solid foundation in Food Forest theory as well as hands on-experience with an on-site one acre food forest with one of Canada’s most experienced forest gardeners. You’ll learn how to properly plant trees, how to select quality botanicals, pruning fundamentals, the key points of building soil, a also receive a copy of “Food Forestry North of the 49th”.

Full details: Food Forest Workshop 2017

***Watch our latest food forest video.***

food forest fruit BCFood Forest Demonstration Project

With funding from the BC Agroforestry Industry Development Initiative, Clear Sky is designing and implementing a one acre showcase food forest model for South Eastern BC that is both ecologically sound and productive. We invite community participation and learning and welcome you on scheduled tours, workshops, courses and volunteer opportunities.

More Info on the Food Forest Project


grasslands restoration

Native Grasslands Restoration

Grasslands have some of the highest biodiversity in Canada and are particularly threatened in the region surrounding Clear Sky.

Here at Clear Sky our grasslands restoration projects are a lens to see the world as a place to learn and these projects as an opportunity to live generously.

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