Food Forest Course: Food Forestry North of the 49th with Richard Walker

Food Forest Course Dates: June 18-19 2016 Come have fun and develop hands-on experience with Richard Walker, one of Canada’s most experienced forest gardeners in our one-acre cold climate food forest, just 35 minutes from Cranbrook, and 50 minutes from Fernie, BC. Richard is a food forester, designer, herbalist and […] Read more »

Fruits of the Food Forest 2014

michelle and bull mountain

What a beautiful year.  Clear Sky’s One Acre food forest, in its second year of growth was still in good health, and beginning to  yield small amounts of many different kinds of fruit. With a small, awesome group of volunteers we kept grass and overgrowth at bay, kept up watering […] Read more »

Spring in the Food Forest 2014

Food Forest Yarrow

It is early spring at Clear Sky, and the Food Forest is waking up after a long winter.  Here are some food forest photos from the past week as we did some initial weeding, transplanting of native plugs and re-fastening of unruly landscape fabric, amongst other tasks. The new signs […] Read more »

What are Food Forests?

The basic idea of a food forest system is that we design how we grow food based on natural forest principles & relationships. In other words, we copy the way elements in a forest co-exists. Forests don’t need to be fertilised by us, watered by us, weeded by us, or […] Read more »

Growing Your Own Root Stock from Seed

Root Stock Seed Storage & Stratification QUESTION: How do I store fruit seed for root stocks? I happened to find a huge box of relatively local organic pears from Creston, and want to save the seed for possible root stock. How should I best store them until spring? In a […] Read more »