Fruits of the Food Forest 2014

michelle and bull mountain

What a beautiful year.  Clear Sky’s One Acre food forest, in its second year of growth was still in good health, and beginning to  yield small amounts of many different kinds of fruit. With a small, awesome group of volunteers we kept grass and overgrowth at bay, kept up watering […] Read more »

Spring in the Food Forest 2014

Food Forest Yarrow

It is early spring at Clear Sky, and the Food Forest is waking up after a long winter.  Here are some food forest photos from the past week as we did some initial weeding, transplanting of native plugs and re-fastening of unruly landscape fabric, amongst other tasks. The new signs […] Read more »

Garlicure – Garlic Syrup

New Season’s Garlicure and photos will be Coming Soon. In the meantime, here are some testimonials about this great new product. What people are saying about our Garlicure: Hello Clear Sky Staff Just to let you know that we all love your Garlicure. It is simply amazing! I’ve had a […] Read more »

Garlic Harvest & Very Cool Soft Necks

softneck heritage garlic

We planted a smaller garlic crop for 2012, but what a beauty it is.  All the rain this spring and early summer, and good sunshine in the latter part of the summer has meant big healthy bulbs.  Other factors might include that we used a no-till method on our garlic […] Read more »

Storing Garlic Over Winter

storing garlic over winter

Hi everyone! We stored our garlic in our garage at Clear Sky this winter – which is part of our main building, and around 12-18C, and very dry (its not underground). Most of it has stored really well and is still in great condition, considering it was harvested nearly eight […] Read more »

Permaculture Strawberries

Permaculture Strawberries Canada

What is a permaculture strawberry? Its a strawberry harvested with minimum effort, inputs, fertilisers, pesticides, bird netting or irrigation, thats what! We’d given up on our strawberry patch this spring, thinking that the white clover seeded in the pathways had moved in and overwhelmed it, along with remnant quack grass […] Read more »