Food Forest Year One in Pictures

Here are some photos of the one acre demonstration food forest at Clear Sky in year one of its growth. It was planted in late April and early May 2013, with some additional planting of windbreak trees in October 2013.  With only 6 months to get established, the food forest is doing remarkably well!

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Raspberries food forest

The raspberries already fruiting in their first season.

Food forest with garlic

Food Forest (Linden Tree) Interplanting with Garlic Crop

Asparagus in Food Forest

Asparagus in the food forest – about 4-5 months old.

Food Forest long shot with catnip

Broad view of the food forest, Catnip (the bees love it) next to Linden in foreground.

Food Forest Canada Aerial View

View of the food forest from above, about 3 months after planting.

herbaceous plants in food forest

Some of the herbaeous material of the food forest in nursery beds. It looks like a sedum in the foreground and a vetch in the background.

Food forest Grapes

Cold hardy grapes awaiting planting

Food Forest Herb Nursery Bed

Nursery bed at the center of the food forest to care for young herbaceous and medicinal plants, about 3 months old. These will later be transplanted in to the food forest.

Photos © Cara Conroy-Low

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  1. Ela says:

    hello farm fairies – what great pictures!! thank you for keeping us in the loop with these… you are doing such a fantastic job!
    wish i could be there and help a bit more.
    sending whee lbarrels of green tara vibes and much love – ela

  2. great job says:

    Thanks for doing this. Great job. This can help teach others that food forests can work in zone 4 too, and teach others in zone 4 what plants to plant in their back yard food forest that this should help inspire them to plant. Looks good so far, after it continues to do well in the next few years it’s going to be even more inspirational and educational. :D. Looking forward to videos of this food forest after it gets larger explaining what plants it has.

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