Fruits of the Food Forest 2014

What a beautiful year.  Clear Sky’s One Acre food forest, in its second year of growth was still in good health, and beginning to  yield small amounts of many different kinds of fruit. With a small, awesome group of volunteers we kept grass and overgrowth at bay, kept up watering minimally and bear proofed the food forest.

  • Fruit observed to be doing well:
  • ‘Missouri black currants’ (ribes odoratum)
  • Pink currants
  • Various kinds of plums
  • Choke cherries
  • Raspberries
  • Evan’s cherries.
  • There was a small amount of apples.  No pears or filberts yet.
  • Our older stand of seabuckthorn also yielded fruit, though suffered a bit from lack of water in the dry months.
  • Saskatoon berries were delicious but suffered also from the ‘rust’ that the native saskatoons have got- rumoured to be related to wild juniper.

Thanks for all your support! We hope you enjoy the photos – click on one and a larger slideshow will open.

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Photos © Cara Conroy-Low, © Maya Lewandowsky

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