The Food Forest, Early Summer 2014

These photos were taken during the Canada Day long weekend.  There had been incredible growth in the food forest, both food forest plants and grass included.  The 3×3 foot landscape fabric squares around each tree offered good protection for individual trees.  We spent a lot of time weedwhacking, bushhog mowing and hand weeding, to provide more visibility within the food forest.

Some brief notes of our observations:

  • The choke cherries were developing fruit but bowing under the weight – they will need a pruning.
  • The asparagus appears very healthy and tall, despite competition with grass in their beds.
  • In the herbaceous bed, the motherwort was towering over everything else- standing nearly 7 feet high!
  • Species we noticed beginning to fruit were: plums and cherry plums, currants, haskaps and saskatoons.

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Early Summer Snapshots of the Food Forest



Photos ©  Cara Conroy-Low.

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