Our Cold Climate Food Forest, Year Three

These photos were mostly taken during July and August 2015. It is the 10th Anniversary since Clear Sky retreat center was founded, and we have been celebrating!  The food forest is doing well, planted in 2013, it is now in its third season.

Food Forest notes and observations

  • There was an outbreak of tent caterpillars in the spring, which required pruning, bagging and organic spraying.
  • The asparagus suffered from mice chewing their roots in the early spring. We cleared as much debris as possible to allow for visibility for the hawks, eagles and other prey. The asparagus beds recovered and were standing many feet high by July.
  • We spent time this year strengthening/raising the irrigation sprinklers to reduce the number hit by the tractor mower.
  • It has been a very dry season with little rain. We irrigated for shorter but more regular intervals this year (half an hour per zone every two days) – this may not be enough time- we are going to try 2 hours once a week for the rest of the season.

Click on an image to open up the slideshow:  (Photos courtesy of Felix Rheume-Gonzalez,  Cara Conroy-Low & Catherine Pawasarat)

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  1. Lovely synopsis of one of the wonders of the Kootenays! Look forward to more learnings, growth adventures and yumminess from Clear Sky’s fabulous Food Forest.

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