Identifying Native Grasses in BC Rockies

Native Grasses ID Don Gayton

Native Plants & wildlife enthusiasts joined us at Clear Sky on June 10th and 11th to learn how to recognize and identify local grasses. The workshop was taught by grasslands expert Don Gayton. Everyone also enjoyed a rare opportunity for early morning birding with wildlife biologist Peter Davidson. Read more »

What are Food Forests?

The basic idea of a food forest system is that we design how we grow food based on natural forest principles & relationships. In other words, we copy the way elements in a forest co-exists. Forests don’t need to be fertilised by us, watered by us, weeded by us, or […] Read more »

East Kootenay Permaculture Course

This April, 2011 we had an AMAZING Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at Clear Sky, taught by Jesse Lemieux of Pacific Permaculture. This was the first ever PDC held in the East Kootenay of BC. Jesse completely surpassed our expectations with his dedication, focus & knowledge of permaculture & how it […] Read more »

Growing Your Own Root Stock from Seed

Root Stock Seed Storage & Stratification QUESTION: How do I store fruit seed for root stocks? I happened to find a huge box of relatively local organic pears from Creston, and want to save the seed for possible root stock. How should I best store them until spring? In a […] Read more »

Overwintering Seedlings in Pots

Overwintering Seedlings in Pots QUESTION: We’re buying 100x hazel seedlings from the University of Saskatchewan Fruit Research Department this spring! Yippee! We’d like to put them in nursery pots for a year until we have a proper permaculture design done for the food forest & field. What do you recommend […] Read more »

A Garlic Taste Test Festival

tastes of garlic

In 2010 we held our inaugural garlic taste test festival. At that particular event, we only had four judges. It was held over a dinner of soba noodles, cheese and wine. The garlic was ROASTED for 40 mins in foil with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Included in the […] Read more »

Garlic Scapes and Bulbils

Garlic Scapes and Bulbils

Our Garlic Scapes are currently maturing their Bulbils and are ready for order! This year we left a lot of our heritage garlic bulbs in the ground, intact with their scapes. They have now just about completed their growth into seed bulbils. Bulbils are delicious. One customer at the farmers […] Read more »

How We Grow Heritage Garlic

garlic planting

Clear Sky farm grew heritage garlic in the East Kootenay BC for several years. We aren’t currently offering garlic to the public, however we want to still show you how how we planted our top quality gourmet garlic for seed and eating in a Rocky Mountain Zone 4 Climate. Step […] Read more »

Planting Garlic in the Fall

Hardnecked garlic seed bulbs

Most growers in Canada plant their garlic seed in October. We generally start anywhere from mid September and stop by mid- October. If planted too late in the fall, the garlic will not start decent root growth until the following spring, which means they get off to a slower start. […] Read more »